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Our Services 

Commercial Building Washing 

Our drones are equipped with low-pressure and high pressure washing functions making this a versatile solution for any building cleaning needs. Drone cleaning technology can be used on any building surface from glass to brick without causing any damage to the building or its surrounding environment. 

Glass Ceiling

Window Cleaning 

We use reverse osmosis (RO) treated water to clean large-scale windows. RO water is free of minerals and impurities that cause spots and streaks, leaving windows crystal clear without the need for additional polishing. This method is ideal for delicate or specialty glass that requires a gentle cleaning approach. Pure RO water effectively breaks down and removes dirt, grime, and residues, ensuring a superior clean every time

Concrete Floor Washing 

Our concrete floor washing services deliver a thorough and effective clean, enhancing safety, aesthetics, and longevity. With eco-friendly solutions and customized maintenance plans, we ensure your concrete floors remain in top condition, providing a clean and professional environment for all.

Building Under Construction
Solar Panels

Solar Panel Washing 

Regular cleaning of solar panels is crucial to maintain their efficiency and extend their lifespan. Our solar panel washing services ensure your panels operate at peak performance by removing dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

Speciality Services

Dealing with blocked gutters or unsightly mould and mildew? Our advanced drone technology can efficiently remove all debris and stains from any surface. We also apply treatments to prevent the return of algae and other contaminants. This proactive approach not only prevents structural damage caused by mould, moss, and mildew buildup but also maintains the longevity and appearance of your building surfaces.

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Maintenance Programs

Our Maintenance programs offer you a customisable ongoing maintenance plan to keep your building looking fresh and clean year after year 

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