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F & H Works Drone Wash Solutions specializes in commercial building washing, using innovative drones equipped with high-power cleaning equipment. This technology is our solution for maintaining the exteriors of tall structures efficiently by significantly reducing the time and resources required for traditional manual washing or scaffolding-based methods.

Why us



F&H Works' drone-based wash technology provides a fully aerial cleaning solution, avoiding any contact with your building. This is perfect for buildings with sensitive architecture, environmentally sensitive areas, or important landscaping.

Our locally sourced, environmentally friendly cleaning agents ensure all applications are eco-conscious.



F&H Works' drones can reach spots that usually need costly, intrusive equipment. Our drone solution is less intrusive, reduces property damage risk, and avoids service disruptions. This adaptability ensures top-notch cleaning for any building, guaranteeing client satisfaction every time!


Cost Effective

Drones can efficiently perform a range of cleaning tasks, including window cleaning and solar panel maintenance, in significantly less time than conventional methods. By saving both time and manpower we are able to achieve the same, if not better, results for a fraction of the price of traditional methods



Cleaning large buildings manually can be hazardous. Drone washing eliminates the need for workers to operate at heights, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries and saving on costly safety equipment.

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Time Saving

Instead of a team of cleaners working for days on a high-rise building, F&H Works uses a single operator and groundsman to guide our drone-based solution, making the task faster and more efficient.

Our drones cover large areas quickly, reducing cleaning time and minimizing intrusion.


Less Disruptive

A significant advantage of drone cleaning is that it can clean any building structure without disrupting regular foot traffic. This convenience benefits both contractors and occupants, eliminating the need to block entrances, interrupt operations, or inconvenience staff.

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